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What is an audit of utilities?

URA conducts a thorough analysis for clients working with the rules, regulations and tariffs that govern the utilities. We achieve cost reduction, refunds and savings in electricity, gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, trash, credit card processing and workers compensation. At the beginning of the analysis, we benchmark what you are spending by unit. If you save money, we bill for savings realized. If you do not save money, you do not pay.

Are there up front costs or fees?

We have no upfront fees, hidden charges or retainers for our shared savings program. We are able to recoup our time and expenses because we have years of successful experience in helping past clients find savings and refunds.

How long will the initial analysis take?

It depends upon the number of locations, volume of spending and complexity of the project. Our average analysis takes 2-8 weeks to complete with additional savings opportunities available throughout the term of your contract.

Why choose Utility Reduction Analysts?

A lot of companies make promises – we deliver results. We have references that document the refunds we have recovered and utility cost reductions we have brought to our clients. We are an established full-service professional consulting firm with a team assigned to each client’s needs. For over 30 years, we have been bringing savings to companies and refunds on overcharges. We are objective and our only goal is to help clients get the best savings, refunds and service available. We have uncovered savings for clients even after they had been reviewed by other companies.

Will it take a lot of time to make copies of bills?

The best and most time-efficient way of receiving bill data is having online access to your utility accounts. Otherwise, your staff only needs to make copies for 12 months of the past utility bills (2 months of telecommunications invoices including: cellular, circuits, long distance & local). We can assist with the process of setting up online access to your accounts.

How will I know what we are saving?

You will see exactly what you are saving on a monthly basis. Our invoices are very specific, clearly defined and are not estimated but based on actual usage. URA’s billing department is always glad to walk clients through any questions. Our goal is that you will be able to review your URA invoice quickly and see your savings clearly.

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What if my consumption (use) decreases?

We bill by unit so our costs are only based on the margin of savings you receive multiplied by the volume used. Your internal conservation efficiency is complemented by URA’s work.

Do we have to take your suggestions?

No, the decision to save money remains with you. We present you with all the savings opportunities we discover but the decision to activate them or not is always yours.

What if my utility lowers costs?

We benchmark (analyze costs) at the price you currently are locked-into with your vendors, i.e. cost/per kwh and long distance minute. If your vendor drops your rate within the plan you are already on, we will reduce our benchmark accordingly.

How do you work with vendors?

Historically, URA has worked very well with vendors. We work in a thorough and respectful manner to find solutions that are in the best interest for the client. We may, however, experience moderate to high discomfort from some vendors who are fearful or defensive about our efforts. We strive to decrease the tension and work with vendors openly and honestly. URA will not make changes to vendor accounts without the client’s permission.

Where do you find savings & refunds?

There is no typical place. URA dedicates time and effort to research all avenues for utility savings and refunds and looks at all possibilities. URA does a full review of all opportunities and you choose which ones you want to activate.

Why a multiple year contract?

Finding and activating utility savings takes time, research and ongoing auditing. We continue to help our clients with savings, retrieving refunds and additional opportunities for the duration of our contract. We are an ongoing resource to our clients and we strive for the renewal of client contracts. Occasionally, changes to activate savings within a client’s utility account may drop off for any number of reasons, (computer or operator error, etc). For any activated savings, URA audits clients’ monthly utility invoices for the duration of the URA agreement to safeguard savings that are implemented and assure all changes are maintained and possible new savings are discovered.

I have heard that companies like this bill before savings are realized.

URA only bills once savings and refunds are credited or actualized on your bill. Our invoices are clear, concise and are based on actual usage and rates in place. You will only be billed if you are saving money.

How does URA calculate client savings and determine benchmarking?

URA will confirm what the client currently pays per unit for their utility service. If lower pricing per unit is negotiated and activated, the savings per unit is calculated between the original price and the new price. The savings per unit is multiplied by the actual units used in a month. This formula determines the savings.

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