URA can help your business save on electric, gas, telecom, cellular, and waste expenses.

For over 25 years, Utility Reduction Analysts have been helping businesses across the county save millions of dollars.

Utility Reduction Analysts are a trusted team of respected and responsive experts who go the extra mile to get results for you!

Choose an Audit Below To See Where We Can Help Your Business Save Money.

We investigate rules, regulations and tariffs to reduce your rates and recover refunds.
Natural Gas
We review your gas buying options for past and future savings.
We review telecom invoices and agreements to find savings and refunds.
We assess usage and identify options to lower your water and sewer bills.
Waste Disposal
We negotiate with multiple vendors to ensure the most efficient process is being utilized for the best pricing.
We review telecom invoices and agreements to find savings and refunds.
The staff of URA is diligent in continuing to look for additional ways/modes of saving so that we know we have our bases covered. They meet regularly with our vendors to substantiate that we are on the best rate plans. The comprehensive reporting has been very helpful to us not only for our spending history but in our budgetary planning.
Larry L. Koehler, RA NCARB
Executive Director, Physical Plant
We hired URA to evaluate our organization’s utility usage. Prior to hiring them, we spent countless hours trying to negotiate rates and contracts with our telecommunications provider. In a relatively short amount of time, URA renegotiated our rates, and provided us with essential recommendations related to consolidating and eliminating lines. Doing this has saved us money – and more importantly time.
Sandy Balderach
Technology Manager, Coldwell Banker Schmidt
Our team has been very impressed over the past few years with the work Utility Reduction Analysts has done for Memorial Medical Center. URA facilitated our latest project, transitioning to a new phone system. URA helped us make our VOIP system selection by setting up vendor presentations and laying out a full comparison of features and costs along with URA’s recommendations.
Pamela Carmichael
Communication Coordinator
Exova has several locations throughout Michigan which URA reviewed, with utilities and waste as their focus. They helped to identify approximately $29,000/yr in savings at one location representing a 23% cost reduction just by the rate change. Previously, we thought we would need to spend $60,0000 in capital for equipment to reduce our electric costs. URA helped us to lower our costs without any capital investment.
Mark S. Horvath
Vice President, Products
Utility Reduction Analysts has helped us to reduce our expenses in a variety of areas. They were able to lower our cellular billings by 15% without decreasing the quality of our services. Our telecommunication costs have decreased by 22% due to URA renegotiating our existing agreement. This resulted in net annual savings of nearly $20,000. They even helped us to lower our waste disposal costs.
Scott A. Boyes
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, CFO
Genova Products has been working with Utility Reduction Analysts since 2005. We have saved over $200,000 and we have been very pleased with the quality of products and services that URA has provided. They have been involved in lowering our electric costs. URA helped with one of our sites in another state by coordinating calls with our plant manager, vendors and our corporate office. They verified their findings with our providers so we were assured that their recommendations were practical. They took a complicated situation and brought clarity and solid results.
Melissa Burke
Accounting Manager
Cost Recovery
This chapter focuses on some of the savings opportunities that relate to the rules, rates, and regulations that govern the utilities. Utility Reduction Analysts (URA), a firm working in this field, has found many interesting opportunities for companies over the years...