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Commercial Energy Audit

commercial energy audit

What is a commercial energy audit?

A commercial energy audit examines your business’ current natural gas and electricity bill line items, rates, rules and regulations of your providers to uncover reduction opportunities.

Why is it important?

A commercial energy audit is important because:

  • URA works with multiple vendors and has the advantage of knowing what other companies are paying for the same service.
  • Companies may reduce their commercial energy costs by 2% to 10% after conducting an audit.
  • Companies may find new ways to increase profitability and competitiveness by reducing costs.

Who is this for?

Our commercial energy audit service is right for you if:

  • Your company spends more than $300,000 a year per location on natural gas or electricity.
  • You want to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of service.
  • Your organization lacks internal resources to seek out and negotiate the best energy rates.
  • You are unsure where to start to reduce monthly obligations.
  • Your time is better served focusing on your core business.

What you get?

With our commercial energy audit service, you get:

  • A team of professionals to work with your electricity and natural gas vendors on your behalf to review services for efficiencies and negotiate pricing.
  • A review of your business’ electricity and natural gas contracts to make sure you avoid potential risks in language, renewal dates and escalating costs.

Why our commercial energy audit service works?

Our commercial energy audit service works because:

  • We have contacts with multiple vendors and have the advantage of knowing what other companies are paying for the same service.
  • We have over 25 years of experience helping our clients achieve cost savings.
  • We have helped business across multiple industries from colleges to country clubs.

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Henniges Automotive
The changes made with URA has allowed Henniges Automotive to save over $500,000 net in cumulative savings over the past 7 years. After a comprehensive evaluation of our utility usage (including electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash and telecommunications) URA returned with recommendations that confirmed that our company was paying too much for electricity usage. At one of our plants, they helped us correct the error and negotiated a rebate that was retroactive for three years. They also helped us negotiate a lower rate for future electricity usage, and identified that two of our plants were paying too much for waste disposal services.
Steve Hollatz, Global Director – Purchasing & Supplier Quality
Genova Products
We have saved over $200,000 and we have been very pleased with the quality of products and services that URA has provided. They have been involved in lowering our electric costs. URA helped with one of our sites in another state by coordinating calls with our plant managers, vendors and our corporate office. They verified their findings with our providers so we were assured that their recommendations were practical. They took a complicated situation and brought clarity and solid results.
Melissa Burke, Accounting Manager
Baker College of Jackson
I am grateful for the partnership with URA and the work that we have been able to achieve will pay dividends year after year. Through this partnership we have been able to successfully position ourselves with a more sustainable model for energy and operational costs that will allow us to expand into the future. Through their analysis, any time we brought a new facility on board, we have been able to effectively find ways in the design process to reduce the energy footprint that was required to operate these facilities.
Ryan Smithson, Director of Facilities