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utility audits

What are utility audits?

Utility audits examine your business’ current utility bill line items, rates, rules and regulations of your providers to uncover reduction opportunities. URA has been providing our clients with cost reductions, refunds, vendor interface and care for over 25 years. Businesses can find savings of 2% to 30% after conducting an audit.

Commercial Energy Audit

Natural Gas and Electricity

For most companies, electricity and natural gas service are their largest utility expenses. It’s important to evaluate what you’re paying for those services. Most electric companies offer a variety of rates, but the obligation of choosing the best rate is typically left up to the customer. Additionally, unless you have someone dedicated to analyzing your bills every month for accuracy, including meter readings, usage charges, and tariffs, you are likely being overcharged. URA finds both price savings and assists with ongoing managed services.

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Telecom Audit

The vast number of telecommunications company options, their ambiguous rates and fees, as well as special codes & terms, make telecom and cellular bills confusing for most businesses. Even telecommunications budgeting remains a difficult task. We cut through the confusion and recommend short and long-term savings strategies to managing your cellular program.

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Waste Disposal Audit

Can your business be green and save green too? We review waste systems, audit for potential efficiencies and help businesses save money on waste removal without compromising service. We specialize in helping organizations with recycling methods and optimizing waste/disposal weight and transportation methods. We can even turn part of your waste expense into a revenue stream.

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Water Audit and Sewer Audit

Most businesses overlook the potential for savings in their water and sewer bill. URA tracks usage trends and identifies opportunities to lower said utility bills. URA’s experience helps companies save time and thousands of dollars in implementation costs.

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