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Wooster Community Hospital

Utility Reduction Analysts has helped us to reduce our expenses in a variety of areas. They were able to lower our cellular billings by 15% without decreasing the quality of our services. Our telecommunication costs have decreased by 22% due to URA renegotiating our existing agreement. This resulted in net annual savings of nearly $20,000. They even helped us to lower our waste disposal costs.

With all of the above savings, Wooster was able to keep all current vendors in place and to avoid the pains that can occur through a vendor change. Additionally, new agreements were not needed for much of the above. Several of the savings items took months to fully go into effect, but URA stayed abreast of all activity to make sure that the changes not only went through, but that credits were issued for services back to the originally planned effective date.

URA has been a valuable addition to our team, helping identify savings, while also allowing our staff to focus on their duties. I would recommend URA to any company that is looking for utility and telecommunications saving being implemented in a simple and practical manner.


Scott A. Boyes
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, CFO