Our Process
Overview of URA's Unique Process

1. Introductory Meeting

  • URA meets with clients and an analysis is agreed to
  • Review process of analysis
  • Client confirms interest

2. Initial Start-Up

  • Send intro email
  • Confirm analysis process
  • What we need from our clients
  • Execute URA contract
  • Execute LOAs

3. Set-Up Phase

  • What we need from our clients
  • Receive invoices & location list from client
  • Compile information
  • Analyze, identify, and prioritize potential savings

Analysis Process

Natural Gas / Electric

  • Audit contracts & compare to billing for accuracy
  • Contact vendor/negotiation
  • Request for proposal (RFP), if appropriate
  • Look at other providers for best pricing

Telecom / IT

  • Confirm all Telecom/IT invoices have been received from client
  • Review current contracts & costs to see if they are competitive
  • Review current set-up vs. need
  • Contact vendor/negotiation
  • Obtain competitive quotes from current and alternate vendors
  • Cellular-discuss URA managed cellular program

Water / Sewer

  • Verify all readings
  • Confirm best rates and billing accuracy
  • Determine if the meter is appropriate for the need
  • Discuss any possible savings opportunities with providers


  • Review invoices and pricing for accuracy per contract
  • Review load size & haul frequency
  • Contact vendor/negotiation
  • Obtain competative quotes from current and alternate vendors

4. Presentation

  • What we need from our clients
  • Review all areas that were audited/provide an overview report
  • Discuss key areas for savings
  • Discuss implementation and future opportunities
  • Get client feedback and confirm action steps

5. Implement Savings

  • Set-up process to receive vendor invoices for billing
  • Send a detailed breakdown of savings with each invoice to client
  • Invoice on actual savings

6. Ongoing Care

  • Provide ongoing care and analysis
  • Market updates and new savings opportunities as available
  • Annual review of all services provided to client