The Company

URA is a Certified Woman-Owned Business that has helped hundreds of clients nationwide in a variety of industries from industrial and commercial to retail and government.

Qualifications and Experience

For over 25 years, URA has established a solid track record of achieving results from working with the rules, regulations, and tariffs that govern the utilities.

Here are a few examples of significant savings our clients received after our involvement:

  • National automotive supplier receives $104,000 telecommunications refund.
  • Automotive supplier receives $101,000 refund from URA’s efforts after being cared for by an energy broker.
  • Community college saves $200,000+ annually in telecommunication and water costs.
  • Grocery store saves over $88,000 on energy supply purchases.
  • Manufacturer receives $32,000 refund two weeks after we started their project.
Creative people. Results driven. Forward thinking.

Our expert team does all of the work behind-the-scenes to develop utility reduction recommendations for your business. The options are presented to you in an easily understood format, and you decide if they are right for your business.

Jennifer Wynn Stoll

Purpose and passion are what motivate Jennifer Wynn Stoll. Her strong entrepreneurial vision has led Utility Reduction Analysts, Inc. (URA) to become a successful consulting firm. She continues to create the synergy needed to bring about positive change for the clients and communities she serves. Often referred to as tenacious, Jennifer exudes determination in her pursuit of savings and efficiencies for URA’s clients. Since 1999, her creative energy and leadership have been driving forces behind URA’s continued growth and excellence. Jennifer joined URA in 1999 as a consultant and quickly earned the title of vice president. In 2003, she became the company’s president, and one year later, became majority owner. Also, in 2004, under Jennifer’s leadership, URA was certified by the State of Michigan as a Woman-Owned Business, the only active woman-owned Michigan business in its industry. By 2008, Jennifer had purchased URA’s entire stock offering, becoming the company’s CEO.

Jennifer’s 25-plus-year career has provided a solid foundation for her leadership role at URA. Prior to URA, she held several executive positions, including general sales manager for one of the top groups of Grand Rapids radio stations. She also owned Executive Placements, Inc., a successful executive staffing firm that specialized in providing talent for the investment banking and tax industries, working with companies like Plante & Moran, Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte & Touche. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law from Michigan State University, Jennifer decided to pursue business interests.

Richard Doher
Senior Analyst

Data and analysis are what Richard Doher is most passionate about in his professional career. Where many people are intimidated or overwhelmed by large quantities of data, Rich is ready and willing to go through the minute details of a client’s account to look for any and all possible savings.

His strengths include interpreting analytic results, enabling him to put together analyzed data in an easy to understand manner.  He is both thorough and accurate and understands the manner in which many vendors build invoices that are often seen as complex by clients.  Rich strives to ensure that clients are able to understand the working details of the energy and telecommunications industries; both of which are heavily loaded with regulatory and ever-changing policies and practices.

Rich has been working with URA as the Lead Analyst since 2008 and has obtained his Certified Energy Procurement certification. He leads URA’s efforts in initial contract review, analysis, monthly monitoring and data gathering and he plays a key role in finding the best solutions for clients.

Rich earned his BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and has worked directly in Supply Chain, with an extra focus on procurement. While his love of data and analysis steered him towards his current position, the supply chain background has helped to give him a broader understanding of the intricate details and elements involved in running a successful business.

While originally from the Detroit area, Rich eventually moved to the Traverse City area with his wife and three boys. He also enjoys soccer on every level, through watching, playing, and coaching.

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Corporate Services
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Billing Coordinator
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