The Company

URA is a Certified Woman-Owned Business that has helped hundreds of clients nationwide in a variety of industries from industrial and commercial to retail and government.

Qualifications and Experience

For over 25 years, URA has established a solid track record of achieving results from working with the rules, regulations, and tariffs that govern the utilities.

Here are a few examples of significant savings our clients received after our involvement:

  • National automotive supplier receives $104,000 telecommunications refund.
  • Automotive supplier receives $101,000 refund from URA’s efforts after being cared for by an energy broker.
  • Community college saves $200,000+ annually in telecommunication and water costs.
  • Grocery store saves over $88,000 on energy supply purchases.
  • Manufacturer receives $32,000 refund two weeks after we started their project.
Creative people. Results driven. Forward thinking.

Our expert team does all of the work behind-the-scenes to develop utility reduction recommendations for your business. The options are presented to you in an easily understood format, and you decide if they are right for your business.

Jennifer Wynn Stoll

Jennifer Wynn Stoll is the CEO/President of Utility Reduction Analysts (URA).  For over 20 years, Jennifer has been helping URA’s clients solve problems and save money.  She brings a unique utility and telecom expertise to URA’s clients, who come from a wide range of organizations, from manufacturers and health care to colleges and non-profits.  Utility Reduction Analysts was the first certified woman-owned Michigan business in the industry.  Prior to her work with URA, Jennifer was the General Sales Manager for a group of radio stations in Grand Rapids, the Vice President of a staffing firm and the owner of a recruitment firm specializing in placements to the Big 5.  A graduate of Michigan State University she is also a trained mediator.  Passionate about serving others, Jennifer is a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities and works closely with the Autism Alliance of Michigan.  She has been an integral part of the Neurodiversity Employment Pilot program which connects employers to candidates.  Jennifer lives in Traverse City with her family and loves to visit her 5 grandchildren in Chicago.


35 years utility consulting and corporate experience

Michigan State University

Certified Mediator 

Client quote - “URA has provided the best vendor care I’ve seen in 30 years.”

Richard Doher
Senior Analyst

For over 10 years, Richard Doher has been a Senior Analyst at Utility Reduction Analysts. He specializes in client contract review, complex analysis, monthly monitoring and data gathering.  In an ever-changing world of utility and telecom rates and regulations, his expertise has enabled companies across the United States to save millions of dollars.   Richard is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional who earned a BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University with concentrations in operations, logistics and procurement.  A native of Detroit, Richard now lives in Traverse City with his wife and three boys. 


15 years complex data analyst, extensive technology background

Michigan State University, Supply Chain Management

Certified Energy Procurement (CEP)

Client quote - “Rich is invaluable to our company. He saves us time and money and always makes our needs his priority”. 


Anita VanDerziel
Corporate Services

35 years high level administrative experience

Client relations, operational and technology support

Project manager and vendor lead

Client quote - “Anita is amazing, a lifeboat when you need help”.

Brian Whitscell
Communications / IT

25 years technology expert

System development, operations and communication technology

Client quote - “Brian helps us understand the complex, simply. What a time-saver”.

Lara Snowden
Billing Coordinator

27 years  administrative experience

Accounts payable and accounts receivable 

Michigan State University, BA

John Stoll

40 years business experience and sales 

University of Toledo, BS

Notre Dame MBA

Evan Stoll
IT / Support

7 years software, technology and security experience 

Ferris State University, Computer Information Systems 

MTA: Database Fundamentals, MCPS : Microsoft Certified Professional, MTA: Networking Fundamentals